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Competitive when it comes to charge. This is our Gas and Heating service.

We have designed four steps list of actions undertaken during repairs that our workers stick to. The list makes it clear for you what they need to do and why they do it, and also what you pay for.

  • Finding fault.
  • Diagnostic solution.
  • Part replacement or fixing.
  • Thorough check up.


If you are not happy with your utility bills and feel that the amount of energy consumed to warm your house and deliver hot water to your taps is much too high, it is probably time for system inspection and improvement. Our team of experts can find the problem and offer the best possible solution – all to make your heating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Your house will be warm, water – hot and your bills reduced.


Boiler installation

The Service4home London boiler installation services are affordable, fast as well as reliable. Their highly professional gas safety engineers are always present to assist you at every single step. They will help you identify the location of your boiler. They will also help you to understand how the controls are used. As the experts in boiler installation & centralized heating, their professional team possesses the experience as well as the knowledge necessary to assist people in selecting the best type of boiler for suiting your requirements & budget.
Their team of trained advisors will also assist you in finding a very cost-effective replacement of boiler in the UK. They supply & also install a wide range of boilers which are specifically designed for being more energy and cost efficient.

The Importance of selecting the right kind of boiler

While the modern day boilers might not be as durable as their ancestors, they would definitely offer much more efficiency ultimately resulting in a noticeable deduction in the cost of the energy. Just like choosing a car for yourself, not all the boilers are equally made and their different kind of boilers for suiting different requirements and needs.

Expert advice as well as installation

The professionals at the Service4home London install the boiler regularly all throughout London. Their process of installation starts with a primary assessment as well as technical-survey for identifying your needs and requirements. They are always present for offering assistance at every stage while installing the boiler.
During any emergency, their engineers perform the installations of boilers even on a short notice. Once the installation completes, the clients are also given a gas safety building regulations certificate for demonstrating compliance along with a copy of warranty from the manufacturer. They make sure that the boiler installation satisfies the needs of a manufacturer for ensuring the validity of boiler warranty.

Why should you opt or Service4home London?

Service4home London will make sure that they employ only high quality boiler manufacturers so that they can offer you high quality products. Their pricing is very competitive, there are no hidden costs & installation is taken care of by only professionals.
The highly professional and skilled team of Service4home London carries out the installation of the boilers in residential as well as commercial places for ensuring that you realize maximum efficiency as well as output from your boiler.

Along with providing absolutely free of cost consultation, no obligatory quotations, their services include:

Standard 1 year guarantee of workmanship
Power flush Magna cleaning filter
Gas Safety regulations, certificates
Registration of the warranty from the manufacturer
Expert’s consultation for selecting a boiler
Installation by professional gas safety registered engineers
Competitive pricing

If your present boiler is a decade’s old & doesn’t have the condensing technique, they would suggest you to switch to a new one for reducing the loss of heat & to save some money on the bills. With their quality service and workmanship it has become a reliable name in this industry.

Central heating installation

The installation of a centralized heating-system is not an easy job. There’re a lot of important points which need to be kept in mind during and after the installation. The gas safety engineers will guide you at every stage.

Their years of experience with different type of brands & heating-systems has given them specialized expertise as well as knowledge for helping people choose a system which would meet all their requirements efficiently and practically. In case you already have a heating system installed at your home or office, they will help you in selecting an efficient & modern replacement.

Irrespective of whether you opt for a new heating system or just upgrade the existing heating system, Service4home Heating Systems London would make sure that they reduce the consumption of energy, foot-prints of carbon & the bills.

Advantages of upgrading the centralized Heating Systems

Installing an advanced heating-system would offer you the benefit of saving on the bills of energy. The advanced boilers are capable of converting approximately 90% of fuel for heating as compared to only 78% of old models.

The decision regarding the replacement of the old system would be based on the age, condition as well as availability of the spare parts. Only a professional engineer would be capable of assessing & determining the most feasible solution for you. The advanced heating-systems may also be customized completely on the basis of your requirements as well as budget.

Their professional and trained engineers keep in mind a number of factors for determining as well as designing a suitable centralized heating-system for residential as well as commercial properties. All these factors include bathrooms, rooms, floors, radiators and corridors. The usage of the heating system is the most significant consideration.

Comprehensive centralized heating system installation services

The process of installation initiates with a full technical-assessment & a survey for determining the user’s requirements & the available options on the basis of the user’s requirements as well as budget. A designated expert would guide you through different options which would be available and would also highlight the advantages as well as disadvantages of every option. Their engineers possess knowledge as well as experience which are required for helping the users in making a good decision for selecting a centralized heating system. Once you have done your selection, they will offer you a quotation which would give you an idea of the full cost of the heating system with absolutely no hidden charges.

Along with offering a free of cost consultation & no-obligation quotation, their installation guide also includes:

Standardized 1 year Guarantee on workmanship
Power flush Magna cleaning filter
Certificate on gas safe building regulations
Registration of the warranty from manufacturer
Expert consultation for selecting the new heating system
Professional installation by a registered gas safety engineer
Training regarding safe operations of the heating system

Service4home London will also upgrade your old heating systems for making them energy-efficient. They will also remove the old cylinders and tanks, undertake the installation of radiator & convert the heating system to un-vented cylinders for improving the efficiency and for reducing the monthly bills.

Gas Safety Certificate

A Gas Safety Record is basically a record which is also known as the Gas Safety Certificate. This certificate is required by the law for all kinds of rental accommodations in UK, wherever Gas appliances are found. This requirement has been enshrined in Gas Safety Regulations 1998. According to this law, all the Gas Appliances in a rented accommodation have to be checked on an annual basis with a Gas safety certificate being accomplished & a copy also offered to the tenants.
The Gas Safety Certificate many a times is also known as CP12 and is accomplished by the engineers who should be registered with the Gas Safety Register scheme.
As per law under Gas safety regulations 1998, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate annually. You can get it from any registered engineer for all kinds of Pipe works, installed flues and Gas appliances in your accommodation.
In case you employ an agent for managing your properties, you will have to ensure that your agreement states it very clearly in black & white the responsibility for carrying out the maintenance of the Gas appliances. You also need to maintain the copy of all the important documents. You will have to maintain a record of safety-inspection for 2 years & offer a copy to the tenants and that too within 28 Days of inspection. In case you get new tenants, they will also require a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate before they move out. In case your agreement states that the agent holds the responsibility, then gas safety installation & use regulations 1998 can be offered to them.
In a gas safety certificate you will get:
All your Gas appliances would be verified for tightness of gas.
If the testing points are easily available, the working and standing pressure would be verified.
The Gas Safety engineer, you will employ will verify the pressure of the burner as well as the rate of gas against data-plate of the manufacturers.
The provision for all significant ventilation will also be verified.
The flue-flow would also be checked for ensuring that all the products related to combustion are eradicated.
All the devices of flame-failure would be verified for satisfactory operations.
Wherever the required checks would be done to the physical-stability, effectiveness & presence of the stability bracket.
Verification for any kind of evidences of the unsafe operations would be made & reported.
Without accomplishing all the above mentioned checks that any appliance can’t be given a Gas Safety Certificate.
Additionally, for the inspections which are carried out annually, The Service4home London recommends that all the Gas equipments should be serviced regularly. Maintenance of the Gas appliances on a regular basis would not just ensure the efficient & safe operation of the Centralized heating-system, but it would also make sure that these gas equipments pass the inspections of gas safety without any repairs. By regularly having your gas appliances checked you can ensure minimum inconvenience as well as disruption for each of your family members.

Underfloor Heating installation

When winters are around the corner no one would like to get in to a cold clammy house after a hard day’s work! Isn’t it? Or imagine your children spend their entire vacations in a cold house. Sometimes it may so happen despite all the heating systems in the house are not heating. Well in such a case all you need is an Underfloor Heating Installer. Imagine walking on a warm floor on a cold winter morning! What a delight!

It is an energy efficient system to warm the home. This type of heating system can be installed in any type of a house. This type of heating can be used for both commercial and domestic warming. The source of heat can also be solar if you so wish.

Working of Water Underfloor Heating

This type of heating utilises the radiant heat. It will any day create a more comfortable environment as compared to the traditional heating systems used up till now. You can be assured of even comfortable temperature all across the house or the building where you have had it installed. The entire floor beneath you is converted into a huge radiator. Basically the pipes will be laid down beneath the floor in the form of loops. When warm water is going to pass through these pipes the heat will be radiated to the floor which in turn will be dissipated in the room or the house therefore making it warm.

Apart from all of this the very fact that water is being used to create warmth for the house makes it more environments friendly.

Also since everything is beneath the floor there are non-visible ugly structures spoiling the decor of the house. All you will have is a thermostat which will keep a tab on the temperature.

Underfloor heating and heat efficiency

A very important factor that comes into play while installing a heating system is the heat efficiency. This type of heating system has an extremely high efficiency. This in turn means that the room will be warm and cosy and there will be minimalistic loss of heat to the atmosphere. The beauty of this system is that the heat is just the perfect temperature. It gives a room the perfect warmth that it needs. You wouldn’t find flushes of extremely warm areas or extremely cold areas in the house.

Why should you go in for Underfloor heating?

Installation: The installation is simple and easy. More importantly it is easy to maintain in the long run.

Comfort: The room will have even distribution of heat therefore making the room comfortable to live in.

Space: this system as we discussed will not interfere in your home décor and will be absolutely out of sight.

Noise: as compared to the traditional radiators this system creates almost no noise

Health: the dust in the house reduces. The ants and the termites are also taken care of. And most importantly since there are no exposed surfaces of the system there are no chances of getting any burns.

Economic: Lesser energy consumption hence more economic

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