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Always remember the rule – should you need to carry out any electrical work at home, hire a licensed electrician. Our professionals are all qualified and their work is up to British Standard BS 7671 (IEE). Safety regulations are vital when it comes to electricity – and you don’t need to worry about safety when you hire us to do your domestic electrical jobs.

We carry out all types of minor and major jobs around the house and garden: wiring and re-wiring, installing sockets and switches, changing panels, putting in outside lights, installing electrical appliances, light maintenance, period check-ups, fault finding and fixing and many more.

We offer quick, efficient and reliable service, with fixed rates and minimum disruption left after we have finished. We are available on mobile 24 hours 7 days a week. If the problem is serious, we guarantee to attend to it within hours.


Domestic Electrician Services

Looking for electrical services, we are the right ones to reach out to. Our services cover installing new circuits or electrical services in specific areas like kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms etc., rewiring and full or partial installations. The workers in our team are skilled and are accredited.

Let us talk in detail about some of the services that we provide:

Minor electrical works

We all have those day to day electrical works need to be done. One needs to make that light fitting in one of the rooms, or replace one of the electrical sockets or a new control switch. We have experienced people on our team to take care of all your electrical needs. Our trained engineers will ensure that the work time is reduced while the quality of electrical work is increased. The company will provide you with the quotations before the work starts and a minor works certificate when the work is complete, which will also give you reassurance that you are complying with health and safety regulations.

Fault Finding

Sometimes it may so happen that no matter how many times you put a new bulb it will get fused within a few days or some sockets, no matter how much you try would not work. These minor issues can surely cause a major hassle in your life. You need not worry since our team of experts have the required technical skills to find out the reason of the flaw and fix it up for you.

Electrical Safety Certificates

Electrical Installation Condition Report or known as EICR is a complete inspection that will look into every detailed aspect of the electrical inspection. Our team also conducts these EICR inspections in which we check each and every minute aspect of the electrical installations in your house.
Post the inspection we will be handing over to you a summarised report on the condition of your property. Along with that we shall also provide you the quotations for any repairs if required. On the other hand if all the electrical fittings and wirings in your house are in place we will issue you an electrical safety certificate.

Fuse Board Upgrades

A modern consumer unit or popularly known as a fuse board ensures that your house stays safe from any electrical hazards. Having a MCU installed in your house can protect you from any electrical leakages or any other damage caused by electrical wires and gadgets and instruments around. It is very easy to use. The RCD that is the Residual Current device is a comparatively new concept. Our MCU contains it and will ensure that your house is safe from any kind of electrical hazards.

Lighting Installations

The market is full of different types of light bulbs. Often it gets very confusing when it comes to decide that what lighting to be done or what not to. We are there to provide you the right guidance and assist you with the best lightings that you can get done for your house. Our skilled team can also assist you in putting these lights and ensuring that the electrical work of the house has a very neat appearance to it.

Home rewiring

Rewiring in a house is required after every few years. This need can arise because of various factors, like the existing wires do not meet the standard of wiring that you want for your house, or existing wires have now become old and redundant with time, or some electrical leakages are beginning to happen because the wire is worn out and many more reasons like the above.

Apart from these factors you also need to keep updated with the building and the safety standards that the local authorities have set up for your area. In most of the areas, there is a set rule for the wiring to be changed after 25 years. In case you are thinking of purchasing an old house it is quite possible that the standards are not met as per the UK Law. The reason being behind this strict law is that they would like to avoid any electrical or fire hazards caused by electrical instruments.

Why you need professionals?

Rewiring cannot be done by one’s own self. You would need professional help in rewiring the house. Our team consists of one of the most skilled workers who will ensure that your house is rewired safely. While you may not see any obvious results after the wiring but yes think from the point of view that the rewiring will save your house from any fire or electrical hazards which can damage property and even take lives.

Our team is highly professional and will hand hold you from the beginning till the end of the entire job of rewiring. We will help you in selecting the right instruments and materials to rewire your house. All this will be done keeping your budget in mind and understanding your needs and requirements. Our team will assist you in putting sockets, switches and light fittings. The skilled electricians will help you with the design and the plan that will be carried out in rewiring the house.

The process of rewiring involves replacing all the wires with new ones, replacing the circuit breakers and the fuse boards. All this will also include the plug points and the lighting.

How the professional Rewiring experts help?

Rewiring of the house can be of two types, full and partial. Depending upon the condition of the wiring of the house our team of experts will guide you whether you need everything to be replaced or just a few places where the wiring is thoroughly damaged. Accordingly we will be giving you the quotation for the repair and once that is finalised we will decide on to the date when the work of rewiring will begin. From our end we assure you that we will try and complete the work as soon as possible of course not to mention without compromising on the quality of work.

We also aim to minimise overall mess and disruption to your business during the rewiring process and will complete any job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the work is finished we will be issuing a certificate to you. The Building control will be informed about the same and they will issue a compliance certificate to you.

Kitchen electrical installation

A kitchen is probably the most sensitive area in the house. This is because kitchen is one place which has a lot of gadgets, has fire, and has water. Hence the Part P regulations have made it compulsory to have all the electrical installations in the kitchen done by qualified people who can provide you with a certificate about the electrical work in the kitchen are tested.

Our services include an array of work that our people can take care of. Our team will take care of installation of lighting, new sockets, extractor fans, cookers and their hoods and many more electrical items. For those who are getting their kitchen renovated or extended need not worry, we will take care of your electrical installations from scratch till the end, while keeping in mind that we meet all the safety standards.

Electrical Installations in Your Kitchen

While you begin to think of getting the electrical installations in your kitchen you need to keep in mind that there are three very important aspects of electrical installation that need to be taken care of; these are, the 13 ampere socket circuit that is used for the kitchen appliances, the 30 ampere supply for gadgets that take high load of electricity like electric cookers and the lighting circuits.

As we discussed kitchen appliances make a major part of our kitchen and goes without saying that they require electricity to run them. You need to put a lot of mind into where exactly you would like to place your electrical appliances as it is only then that the sockets will be fitted accordingly. There are two types of appliances that you are going to have in your kitchen, the ones that would need only the 13 ampere supply and then the few big ones that would need 30 ampere supply. Depending on that you can decide on the number of sockets and where you would like to place them. A word of caution, for those with children must take care that they have their sockets concealed properly or behind the cabinet doors, in short somewhere out of the reach of the children.

How extra sockets in kitchen area helps?

You will need additional sockets in the kitchen. Why we say so is that you never know when you might just add another gadget in your kitchen and then you’d be struggling using one plug point for 2 gadgets or more. Now this would only make your kitchen a messed up zone to work in. hence it is always advisable to have a few additional sockets up your sleeve for the newbies that you will be adding into your kitchen.

The concept of lighting in the kitchen has changed with the times. Now days a kitchen is a very interactive place where the family sits and has meals, or the kids do their homework while their mother cooks, or a place where one just sits with friends for a cup of coffee. Hence the lighting of the area has to be done thoughtfully. The area should never be under lit. It should be bright yet have a warm and a cosy feel to it.


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