Whether you have a small to medium sized apartment or a grand house in the country side, Service4home London is able to devise and design solutions to suit your requirements. We design solutions for an intelligent home within your budget. With our experience of designing and installing systems for a wide range of clients with very different requirements, we are able to tailor make the solutions according to your requirement. We provide comprehensive consultation and designing which ensures that every high tech solution we provide is unique and innovative, but at the same time is simple in usage and easy to understand.

Whether you want our services in an existing property or a new home, we ensure that the technology for smart home that we install fits unobtrusively into the ambience. We work in coordination with interior designers and architects to create just the right solution for you. With Service4home London design you will be able to control your TV, music and movies, heating, lighting, security systems in a simple and convenient manner whenever you require.

The smart homes designed by us use the modern automation technology and modern building techniques to allow the homeowners to have a high level of control on their homes. You can build your home from scratch with automation as the key element of design or incorporate automation technology in an existing home during major renovation.

There are a large number of benefits associated with the use of intelligent home automation systems. Let us look at some of them:

Convenience: With an automated home the homeowners get a high level of convenience. Being able to control your living space with self-sufficient devices which only require only access to a control panel or the click of a few buttons becomes very convenient for all the family members. You can switch on your water heater when you are about to reach home, or switch off all the lights of the house when you come out. You can open or close your window curtains or brew yourself an energizing cup of coffee in the coffee maker. At the same time, you can fill your bathtub when you are still lazing in bed in the morning or turn on the smart home theater. There are a large number of things possible with smart home automation systems. Apart from the other members of the family, such systems are a great boon to those who are disabled or very old.

Security Access: Automating your entire home necessitates a high tech security system. It is possible to place burglar alarms, install fire alert systems, install door access, alarm systems and operate all of them from your mobile phone. Even the current alarm system has an SMS/email alert so that you can notify your nearest police station in case of any untoward event.

Save on energy bills: With the help of advanced home automation systems, you can cut down on your electricity bills. This is because you don’t need to keep your refrigerator or your AC is running when you are not at home to give you comfort when you return. Also with such systems, you can run many systems in your home at optimum energy levels.

These are the reasons which have made home automation quite popular in today’s world.