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If you are looking for professional services including building works and repairs around the house and garden, the office, pub or shop this is the place for you.

We guarantee quality and high standards. Our workers are skilled professionals, certified tradesmen and experienced builders. The jobs you require will be done quickly, efficiently and without any unnecessary mess. Rates are competitive and fixed before any work is started. Whether you need to refurbish an office, organise the interior of your restaurant in an entirely new way, change the landscape around your house completely or look for just a minor touch up – we can do it fast, we can do it good, we can make you happy with your surroundings.


House refurbishment - renovation

Getting your house renovated is a big task; however this is where we come in! We specialize in renovating and refurbishing houses both small and big. We also take care of the interior refurbishment for residential clients. What make us different and unique from other sin the industry are customized and personalized refurbishment services that offer to our customers.

Our team can provide you assured creative advices as to how to utilize space and material. It is up to you what services of ours that you would like to utilize, whether you would like us to come up with the designs and the specifications or all services which would also include architectural and the engineer designs. We assure to bring to you a team of tradesmen who have the required expertise in doing both interior and exterior home refurbishment work.

We are known in our field for the best quality services at the most reasonable rates. The entire process of house refurbishment can be over whelming. We shall hand hold you through the entire process and you would just easily sail through it! Our aim is to reduce that stress of yours as much as possible by our guidance.

You need not worry about the material for construction, and the tradesmen we shall be taking care of that at our end. At no point shall you feel that we have not answered your queries or doubts. From our end we shall try and update you about the progress of the house on a regular basis.

Why Let Us Work For You?

Quality: Our team is has the expertise which in turn lets us assure you with confidence that even the minutes of task will be taken care of with great skills. They are efficient in reducing the time and the cost of construction without reducing the quality of the work.

Timelines: We assure to you that all your work will be done well before the decided upon date of the last day of construction or any other job. You may be happy to know that most of our projects finish before time.

Flexibility: we understand that refurbishing or re construction a house is not an easy task. Hence we would be more than glad to provide to you multiple quotations for no extra charge. This would put you at ease as you would have considered multiple options that of services that we can offer to you. Also we know that financial matters concern one and all, hence according to your needs requirements and the amount of budget that you have put aside for the refurbishment or reconstruction we will offer the best customized plans for you.

Often people have the misconception that property refurbishment in London can cost a lot of money however we would like to prove you wrong. With a little bit of creativity and imagination you can make your house stylish yet comfortable to live in! So don’t wait for the right time to reconstruct your house because the right time is now and you surely can make your house your dream house!


House Extension services

When you are getting a house made, it is never going to stay just the way it is at the time of purchase. You are always going to make a few changes with time. With passing time you are sure to have the need for that extended kitchen, a living area or a double storey extension or a porch, it could be anything. House extension not only utilizes the space in the house efficiently but also adds value to your house.

Our company has the expertise when it comes to dealing with house extensions. We can help you by advising and building the ideal house extension as per your needs and requirements. Our team of builders has the expertise to provide to you the best in class building services and you can be rest assured that none can deliver results as quickly as us.

While we claim to offer to you the most reasonable rates of construction we also however would like to assert that the quality of our work in the arena of building is one of the best to reckon with. Imagine the house extension not only being built at a fast rate but also your space being left neat and clean just as it was before the work had started!

The basic steps for Building a house extension:

Draft a plan: The decision of having a house extension cannot be taken over night. You must think about it several times. Our builders will always be there to give their expert suggestions regarding the type of space that you would like to create for your house. All you need to reach to us and builders will help you with the quotes, the plan etc.

Get the required Permissions: you will have to take the required approvals from the local authorities (you will have to take the approval from the Building Control office). Usually it takes about 3 weeks to get the approval. In case any work is carried out close to the boundary wall or on the boundary wall you will have to serve a notice to the neighbors, to which they can reply in two months’ time.

Construction of the House Extension: while our aim is to make minimum displacements in the house, however some inconvenience will be caused around the construction area. With construction in the house you can be prepared for some dust, dirt and noise. However you may be rest assured that the place will be left as clean as it was found before the construction began.

Final Approval: After having completed the construction you would need to get an approval by the Local Council Inspector. On our part we will provide you with the needful gas and electric work certificates.

It is important to move with the time and hence make creative house extensions hat not only beautify your house but also utilizes the spaces in your house efficiently. Make your house a home by customizing it smartly and creatively according to your needs and requirements and of course according to your taste. We are there to support you in your process of building a beautiful home without pinching your pockets!


Loft conversion

Loft Conversion is a popular choice amongst many when it comes to creating a new space in the house. A loft usually is cheaper as far as the cost aspect is concerned and at the same time it has a very cosy corner feel to it. The best about having a loft conversion is that minimum disruption is caused in your home and of course not to forget it adds value to your property. Adding a loft to the house gives your home a whole new look. It is completely up to you how imaginatively you would like to utilise this space, converting it into a kids room or a living room or a guest room or suite shower room or an office or a reading room, you could let your imagination fly and convert it accordingly! And we shall help you do so with the utmost ease and the best advice at the most reasonable rates.

The basic steps for the loft conversion in your house:

Basic Survey

Our team who has an expertise in loft conversions will visit the site that is your house to conduct a survey. The aim of this exercise is to discuss with you and to see in reality the requirements that you have and what the best possible options for the loft conversion are. We like to propose to our customers the best possible way to convert the loft while at the same time creating maximum space without compromising much the other areas of the house.

Setting the Quotation

You will then be sent a copy of the Quotation which will have all the details of the discussed and the suggested work proposal with the specifications. If you agree with the proposal we will further have a discussion on the mode and schedule of payment. A basic deposit will be required to be paid before the work would be started. You may be rest assured that the final payment will only be made by you once we complete our work and you are satisfied by our services and also once the local building authorities approve the construction that has been made.

The Plan and the Budget

As a part of the quotation we at our end will be providing you the estimated total budget. Also, our expert builders will provide to you a copy of the plan. The plan will consist of the entire construction drawing which will give you an idea how your loft conversion would look like and also it will help you know the various stages of construction!

Permissions from the Local Authority

Before you begin any new construction in your house you need to take an approval with the local authorities by submitting a request letter and the plan of the construction. Usually the Planning authorities of the city/ town take 8 to 12 weeks to approve. You need not worry, since we will be your partners in the process of construction, our team will keep following up on your application with the local authorities! Post the approval a copy of the structural calculations will be handed over to the Building Control Department. A notice will be sent out to the council informing about the construction.

Ready steady go!

Once all the approvals are in place we will start the work on the date decided by you. Our aim is to complete the work as soon as possible. The entire work should not take more than 8 to 12 weeks.


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