People who live or work in London know how important air conditioning in this city is. With some units installed in your home or office, you can make your environment quite comfortable. This is the reason that installing an air cooling system is quite beneficial for homes, offices and even factories. With the modern air cooling units you will get cold air in seconds and will be able to control the temperature of the space. With proper air cooling excessive sweating is eliminated reducing the risk of dehydration. At the same time, cool air will ensure that you sleep well and don’t wake up in a sweat every now and then. Most people find it difficult to relax in excessive heat and an air conditioner can provide them with the required peace. Air conditioners in homes make them safer as you do not have to leave the doors and windows open for fresh air. This is the reason that installation of an air conditioner is something you should think about if you are in London.

If you require any kind of services pertaining to air conditioners we are your best choice. This is because we have in our employ accredited engineers who are reliable and reassuring in their work. You can depend on us for any kind of repairs from replacing filters and pressure testing pipes to amending system controls and recharging systems with refrigerant. We help to fix the root cause of the problem instead of simply concentrating on keeping the system in working order.

Along with installations any service we provide is always complete to the best of standards in the industry. No job is too small or too big for us and we can reach any venue in London and its surroundings whether it is a residence, office, restaurant, café or any other business premises. Some of the installations that we specialize in include fitting single and multi-split systems, extraction and supply air installations and cooling solutions. Our friendly staff is always eager to answer all your questions and queries. We are also happy to provide you with estimates whether it is for installations or repairs. You can also depend on us for your maintenance requirement because air conditioners also require this regularly. Unlike other companies we don’t charge a call out fee for our services.

At the same time, we never take the decision on how much money to spend as this is your decision alone. Our engineers will communicate effectively with you throughout the process and make sure that you are always in charge. We are a service provider that can be trusted and we are also happy to survey or inspect old systems apart from new installations. We can address any concerns that you have and if there are any issues at all we will let you know immediately. We have in our employ a friendly sales team, which is completely trained and make sure that they assess each customer’s budget environment and requirements to determine what kind of repair or services are needed. This way with us you have the benefits of no call out charges and free estimates, controlling your spending, fixed rates and trade accredited personnel.


Air Conditioning Installation

Imagine a hot summer day without an air conditioner! Horrible? Isn’t it? Well it goes without saying that with the global warming making the temperatures soar higher and higher with each passing year, how important it is to get an air conditioner installed in our homes. Having said that let us count a few benefits of having an air conditioner installed in our house! Within seconds you will have cool air in the room; this will only make your stay at home more comfortable. Air conditioners have become so advanced these days that they have different settings, which would let you control the temperature that you need in the room, the type of air that you would want (dry, frost, fan etc.) and last but not the least having an air conditioner installed in the house keeps the atmosphere clean and dust free.

Like we mentioned above, times have changed so have our air conditioners. Gone are the days when air conditioners were only known to be cooling the house. These days the air conditioners hold to the true meaning of their term which is that they cater to the temperature that you need in your house. Even in winters you can maintain a nice warm environment thanks to the temperature flexibility that they allow.

Where do we come in? We understand that getting the right air conditioner and installing can be a hassle filled task; we are the ones who make it hassle free for you. We take into account your needs and requirements, budget, the time scale, the usage and the layout of the building and give you the best and the most satisfying result.

Types of Air conditioners that you can choose for your home:

Easy Fit Air Conditioners These air conditioners are the fastest and easiest to install and they do not need much time and large space to be installed. Also you can change their place if you need to with ease.

Split Type Air Conditioners are the most preferred of the lots. This type of AC splits heating unit and the fan. The waste heat is discharged outside the house in the atmosphere. The installation would need proper cabling and pipework.

Multi Split Air Conditioners are preferred when air conditioning is needed in multiple rooms. While the installation is the same however it is a little more complex as more than one air conditioner is involved.

What will need to be installed?

The process is simple. Firstly the type of system will be decided upon which will depend the type of installation. Other factors involved are the space that is needed to install. The more complex the system the more space you would need. The more complicated the installation the more time it will take. Usually the technicians take from a few hours to 2-3 days to install the system. Before that they will explain the working to you. You can be rest assured that you will get quality work as part of our service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why would you need maintenance of Air conditioner?

This is so because maintenance is very important to keep the air conditioning system healthy. If you will not, you will stand a chance to have under performance by the air conditioner, break downs and low energy efficiency. To avoid the same you must have regular maintenance of the air conditioner.

For those who feel skipping the maintenance in a year will do no harm to the air conditioning system, you would be surprised to know that each year the system would lose 5% efficiency. Apart from the system losing its efficiency, the filters will get dirty and so will the blockages. At the end of it all the system will have load on it and hence will lead to consume more energy.

Why not maintain the system to make it run longer?

You’d be surprised to know that your air conditioners system will have double the life time if you maintain it regularly.

For systems that get older with time will have a chance of machine wear. It is but natural that the machine will wear with time; however you can considerably delay the wear and tear if you maintain the air conditioner. Apart from that, the cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner will also keep the environment cleaner.

Last but not the least having a dirty air conditioner would be an infestation point for mould and microorganisms. This can result in;

– Allergies,
– Asthma,
– Health problems related to lungs,
– Lungs and many more such infections and irritations.

You must also know that the law demands that air conditioners over a certain size need to be maintained. Which means that from time to time you will have to show to the concerned authorities that the refrigerant gases are not leaking into the atmosphere? Well goes without saying that for all the above you would need professional help and this is where we step in for you!

The type of maintenance of our system would depend on the type of system you have, how old it is and how much work is needed on it. Our team of professionals will first analyse the work and then let you know all that needs to be worked on.

Our typical routine visit would consist of the following work done by us:

Cleaning of the Filters and the airways: This is the simplest yet the most important task for the maintenance of an air conditioner. The dirty filters that will stop the airflow are cleaned. This has an immediate impact on the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Cleaning of Coils: There are 2 types of coils the evaporator and the condenser. Both of them have the tendency to collect dirt hence reducing the efficiency and the ability to absorb heat. While they should be cleaned every year, for areas that have high air borne contaminants need to get it done every 6-8 months.

Apart from these we take care of the wiring, testing and cleaning of pumps and drainage system, check the compressor, refrigerator, insulation, pipework, heating and cooling modes. Also we clean and sanitise all the units of the AC and at the end of it provide you with a service report.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioners if maintained properly and repaired will last you for years to come. Then why would you want to replace it with a new one when you can make the old one as good as new by paying minimalistic repair cost? It is quite often seen that a lot of people replace their air conditioners when it was not even needed.

How the experience and professional repairers work?

We have an expertise in repairing air conditioners and we also can give you the guarantee that we will use nothing less than branded parts. Our team of experts can easily identify the problem areas and will be able to repair your air conditioner at a very low cost. This would be just a fraction of what you would be spending if you decide to buy a new air conditioner and of course not forget the installation charges. The required parts are sourced in from different manufacturers, who are indeed the best in the industry when it comes to building spare parts for the air conditioner.

You must remember never to ignore any distress signals given by your air conditioning system. The earlier the problem is caught the lesser the financial implications. Apart from that the life of your air conditioner will reduce by leaps and bounds. Hence you must take care of the systems condition and immediately address any faults that come up.

Under the ideal circumstances, on our first visit we carry almost all the parts that might be needed to be replaced. This not only reduces the down time but also the cost. Our engineers are always well equipped to repair most of the problems. They even carry the refrigerants.

Sometimes there can be a situation wherein your air conditioner would need some complex repairs. In such a case our team of experts will analyse the problem and get back to you as soon as possible. The specialised parts would be delivered to us by the manufacturers at the earliest and the team will make the necessary repairs and replacements if needed.

Now, as it is a machine, there might a situation when the repair of the system may not be possible. In such a scenario our team of technicians will give you an honest recommendation and what you can do best with the air conditioner. Suppose there is a situation that you cannot replace the air conditioner we might just fix it on a temporary basis. Whatever may the condition of the air conditioner would be our technicians will give you an honest diagnosis.

A few warning signals that you need to look out for are:

• Unable to cool the room efficiently
• Inconsistent heating or cooling
• Leakage
• Sudden increase in bills
• Freezing up (this usually occurs in split air conditioners)
• Fault Codes
• Dirty and full of dust grills and vents
• Bad odour

We also have full time air conditioner services that will cover the maintenance of your air conditioning system for its entire life time. In such a case our team of experts will keep a tab on your air conditioner and will ensure that the problems are well tackled before they even crop up.