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Project budget estimate

How much should it cost?

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Building Regulations

Don’t know what can be done?

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Feasibility Studies

Can it be made at all?

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Project location

Is it the right place?

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Company check

Is this company good for me?

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Contractor selection

This company will do the job!

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Project Menagement

Can I minimise issues with execution?

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Contract Administarion

I need a right contract to secure my interest!

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Project budget estimate

Send us a project scope and in return we will tell you how much it should cost…

We can provide a fast and accurate cost analysis consultation for any project that is planned or already in progress. Cost analysis service is always a bespoke solution, based on a clietnt’s requirements and current pricing/technological market trends.

The analysis covers:

  • project budget estimate with individual cost analtysis including materials, equipment and labour.

If requested, it can include a project budget proposal witth alternative technology used.

This service will provide you with the budget estimate and help you select the right Contractor andtechnology for your needs.


How much should it cost


Don't know what can be done?

Building Regulations Consultancy

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) is a list of regulations for the construction industry that places responsibility on the client and contractor in several different matters

Our consultancy services:

  • Assessment of the likelihood of getting planning permission
  • Strategies and tactics for securing permission
  • Full planning applications assistance


  • Approval of conditions
  • Design and access statements
  • Planning statements

Feasibility Studies Consultancy

In terms of project budget

If you have a construction project and already have planned a certain amount of money to spend on it, we can check the project against your budget, providing you with the detailed analysis of project scope, having each phase clearly indicated in terms of resources allocation.

In terms of the contractor capacity

Selection of contractors for job execution is not an easy task. If you have
already chose one and want to be sure that they are capable of handling
the project correctly, this service is for you.

The building contractor must hold proper qualifications for the job and
verifiable references. Human capital is a very important factor and com-
panies employ professionals with different levels of experience.

We have developed a methodology for selecting the right contractor for
the job.

In terms of return on investment

The purpose of the analysis is to determine the profitability of invest-
ments in terms of money spent. The main factor determining the profita-
bility of the investment is the ‘rate of returns on investment’. It is a ratio
of annual earnings from the investment project to the expenditures for
its implementation. This is an indicator of the profitability of a particular
investment as a percentage of the expected profit to the amount of capi-
tal employed. The financial evaluation project should be considered in
following areas:

  • Capital structure
  • Capacity for timely debt service
  • Solvency
  • The ability to generate sufficient cash flow to guarantee the
  • profitability of the project
  • Payback period
  • Internal rate of investment return

Can it be made at all?


Is it the right place?

Project location suitability consulting

We perform an expert analysis to determine the suitability of project location. How we do it?

We prepare a comparative analysis of different locations for the given variant of investment objectives.

We focus mainly on the selection of the optimal location of investment (e.g. extension) or project (e.g. heating system), for the correct and functional performance of the project with the optimum use of the budget while maintaining and building design guidelines.

Company check and financial reports verification

Hiring a company for your project? Why don’t you verify it with us?

We can provide you with a comprehensive company verification report
including its financial and human capital conditions.

Financial report:

  • Full company financial report

Company check:

  • Details of the company (address, phone, email,
    company registration number)
  • The type of company (scope of the work)
  • Years and type of experience
  • Company size in terms of employees
  • Certification held (certifying the quality
    of services, membership in professional
  • Type of insurance held
  • Pricing of services (primary, free valuations)
  • The equipment (type and brand, number
    and type of vehicles, specialized equipment for specific services)
  • Warranty on the work performed
  • Photographic evidence from previous jobs
  • Qualifications check of particular employees
    who may be involved in project execution

The main analysis focuses on individual professionals working for a company,
their qualifications, experience and individual portfolio


Is this company good for me?


This company will do the job!

Contractor selection process

A good professional is one who has the knowledge, experience and the right attitude. The wrong choice in the construction industry often entails serious additional costs. Selecting a contractor is an important phase of your project and should be done empirically.

This service is directed to people who have  difficulty with choosing the type of specialist they need for the job and difficulty with the process of selection the right contractor.

As a result of our service, we will provide you with a recommended contractor as well as with an estimate of the scope of work that must be performed in order for the project to be a success.

Project Menagement

Service4Home provide comprehensive project management/monitoring consultancy based on proven industry methodologies.

We understand that the proper management is crucial to the implementation of any project. As an independent company we can control the scope of work to be performed by a contractor. Most of deflections can be avoided if spotted on time.

The main tasks of supervision are:

  •  Monitoring compliance with building regulations while executing the project,
  • Technical quality control,
  • Monitoring compliance with the project contract including architectural design.

Can I minimise issues with execution?


I need a right contract to secure my interest!

Contract Administarion

Service4Home can handle all issues regarding contract administration. It includes but is not restricted to: contract preparation, remuneration, and technical acceptance.

We always secure the client’s interest in the case of project failure.

Basic information that should always be included in a contract :

  • date and place of its conclusion,
  • the names of parties
  • the scope of work ,
  • the date of their execution (start and end),
  •  remuneration.

The contract should specify penalties to be borne by the contractor in the event of contract breach.